Recent Work: Information Architecture and Interaction Design

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  • Veeva Systems (Veeva)
    Veeva is a leading global provider of industry-specific, cloud-based software solutions for the life sciences industry. Solutions include Customer Relationship Management and Content Management Systems for both Commercial and R&D ventues, as well as regulatory information management and compliance submissions tracking.

    Challenge: Restructure the information architecture of the main company site to accommodate more product areas and make the site more effective for mobile devices.
  Veeva Investigator Portal
Veeva Investigator Portal-Mobile

Presto App Store
Presto App Store

  • JackBe Presto AppStore (JackBe)
    The Presto Enterprise AppStore is an on-premise platform for collaborative development and distribution of focused intelligence apps within an enterprise. Using a set of related tools, users are able to mash up apps with targeted functionality and make them available to other users with the enterprise through an "app store" environment. The community is able to find, rate and recommend apps within the appStore, and the most useful apps are able to gain wide exposure and dissemination within the enterprise. Apps that are selected by a user are saved in a "My Apps" section, enabling easy access to the apps they find most valuable.

    Challenge: Providing visibility into the development and review workflow process for users having a wide range of development experience.
  App Store My Apps
Presto App Store - My Apps

Alexis main screen
Alexis Main Screen

  • The Alexis Project (Yahoo!)
    The Alexis Project was a pilot project at Yahoo!. It aimed to provide a way for kids with severe illness, such as cancer or brain tumor, to learn more about coping with their illness from other kids who had gone through it. Kids and parents could learn not only about how to deal with the clinical aspects of the illness but also about how to cope with the changes in their lives. They could also learn about how to talk with their friends and families about all of these.

    The pilot site was based on a set of video segments from interviews with kids of varying ages who had come through an illness. Other kids could see the segments and share comments from their own experience. At full implementation, other kids would be able to post their own video segments. The project did not move beyond pilot development.

    Challenge: Providing access to a wide range of content in ways that made sense to this very specific user group, while respecting their unique viewpoint and experience.
  Alexis video screen
Alexis Video Screen

ULM selector widget
ULM Location Selector widget

  • Universal Location Manager (Yahoo!)
    The Universal Location Manager (ULM) is a product on the Yahoo! network that enables users to enter or select a location of interest, such as for news, weather, maps, and have that location persist across browser sessions. The purpose of the product is to create a consistent user experience for managing locations across Yahoo! while allowing Yahoo! to improve local ad targeting.

    Challenge: Since ULM3 allowed users to track recent locations and saved locations, the main interaction design challenge was to provide users with clear indication of which type of location reference they were working with and what they could do with them. With sign-in, users can also save locations for access throughout the Yahoo! network. Version3 supports internationalization and a number of AJAX features that streamline and enhance the user experience.
  ULM Save-Edit page
ULM Save-Edit page

Blazent Dashboard Blazent Dashboard

Home portal page
Blazent Entry Page

  • Blazent 3.0 (Blazent)
    Blazent offers a series of products that support IT asset management and optimization across the enterprise. The Blazent systems consolidate data sources from operational, transactional, and business management tools to provide analytic insights to the highest level of the organization.

    Challenge: Structure the access to large amounts of data in such a way that the IT business user can easily identify and focus on the most critical issues.

    Working closely with Engineering and Product Managment teams, and through interview and observation with target users, I led formulation of a scenario-based framework for Guided Analysis. This framework orients the product around particular business problems, such as server consolidation or software license compliance, and allows them to work systematically toward solutions.

    The product was featured at the DEMO@15 conference. There is a patent pending for the guided anlaysis framework, for which I am first author.
  Situation overview page Situation Overview

Analysis page
Analysis View

FX trades monitor panel
Trade Monitor Panel

  • FX Trades (Currenex)
    Currenex offers a suite of services and integration capabilities for foreign exchange (FX) trade and settlement. It gives complete FX trading and workflow processing solutions to hundreds of clients, worldwide. The FX Trades system supports currency trade negotiation and settlement for corporate and institutional traders

    Challenge: Analyze trading workflows and design detailed UI models and panel layouts for a browser based Java client. The trading and monitor panels shown here are typical of the work done for Currenex.

  FX trades order panel
Trade Definition Panel


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