Grasses are growing in a creekbed   Welcome to the garden
Working sketches and finished pieces from Gayle Curtis
A dancer stands in front of a robot on stage   Choreo
Invisible Cities, an on-stage performance of computer music, dance, and robot choreography. A collaboration with composer Michael McNabb and ODC San Francisco.
A contour drawing of a hand   VizAble
VizAbility, a multimedia work on CD-ROM for building visual thinking skills, drawing on material from the Stanford Visual Thinking course.
The three letters G E C in a 3D shadow view   Spatial
BlockBuilder, an interactive game to build spatial reasoning skill. Move blocks in the cube to show your three initials in the spotlight shadows.
A student makes a drawing of his hand   Classes
Courses in visual thinking, ambidextrous thinking, HCI design.
A hand reaches to touch a rock, next to the water   Pix
Photos from the collection.

photos © Gayle Curtis

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